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Rent a Car


Inlanka Rent a Car Service


Well over a decade of experience in the tourism field, we offer the best service for our clients for their  rental cars needs. We provide all types of cars, vans, SUVs and Jeeps for any of your need in Sri Lankan Travel.

With the right and the best vehicle in hand, you can enjoy your journey in the most beautiful island paradise In the world. There are every kinds of locations, climates, terrains, jungles, rivers and thousand and one places to visit in Sri Lanka and you can be as free as possible.

Rent a car Sri Lanka

What We Do Best


Tour Guiding, Car Renting, Tourism

On call action, Trusted staff, Experienced drivers

Accident, Road side cover, On site service

Recovery Vehicles, Repairing partnerships

Special needs, custom requirements, Safety

Self Drive


It’s the best way of exploring the country by driving freely around. We are in the self drive car renting service well over a decade and we assure to provide you the best service with our experience and expertise.

We arrange all the documents, reservations and vehicles for you. And we guide you through the way. Just contact In Lanka Tours for your vehicle and we are at your service.

Rent a car Sri Lanka

Why Self Drive?

  • It’s the best way to move around the country
  • You can have your privacy at all the time
  • Do not have to worry about the drivers needs
  • It’s your root, your choices and your freedom
  • More space and more time for yourself

What We Need?

  • Details of the person renting the vehicle
  • A Valid Driving LicenseLocal Driving License or endorsed international driving license. (For foreign customers we arrange all the required services to get the local temporary driving license).
  • International Driving LicenseFor International Driving License, it should be endorsed in AA Ceylon (Auto Mobil Sri Lanka) and we arrange all that before your arrival.
  • Local Temporary Driving LicenseFor country license, customer should be presented in RMV (Department of Motor Traffic) and place the signature to obtain the temporary driving license.
  • Identity Details, NIC, Passport Or any other identification documents etc…

Rental Agreement and Details


The following details will be provides by In Lanka Tours upon renting a self-drive vehicle.

  • The rental of your selected vehicleInlanka assures the rental to be the best rates in sri lanka.
  • Information on your vehicle capacityHow many passenger seats, how much luggage can be carried etc…
  • Renting period, Insurance details, VAT and returning time of the vehicle.
  • Millage upon collection and returning of the vehicle.
  • Breakdown and emergency contact detailsAll our vehicles are covered with roadside assistance and we provide all the contact details.
  • Details of the vehicleVehicle License, Insurance, Emission Testing Certificate etc…

It’s your freedom!

Live your tour the extraordinary way!


Tips in Self-Driving in Sri Lanka


It’s our responsibility to make your journey as well as your crew safe and sound all around Sri Lanka and we keep in touch with you all the time. In Lanka Tours recommends to follow these tips while you are having the most memorable tour in Sri Lanka.

  • Obey the speed limits on the route which you choose to drive all the time.
  • Keep your eye out for the traffic signs around.
  • The climate is changing rapidly in some areas in Sri Lanka specially in up country. Should keep a sharp eye during heavy raining and foggy conditions.
  • It’s much better to drive in a controlled manner until the destination.
  • Watch out for bumpy roads, wild animals all the way.
  • In emergency, accident or in any situation contact In Lanka Tours as soon as you can and we will arrange all the necessary services for you.

Car with Driver


In Lanka Tours provide all the required services to have the most of the journey in Sri Lanka and visit around with a driver could be the best option.

We provide well experienced and well trained drivers with sound knowledge of tour locations in Sri Lanka. You only need to plan the locations and they are ready to take you there by the best tour routes all the way.

tourism companies in sri lanka

Why with Driver?

  • The journey starts by picking up from the Airport all the way to back. He will do the rest.
  • No prior driving license preparations and registrations needed.
  • All our drivers are well experienced in travel routs and guiding you the best tour around the Island.
  • They are well aware of hotels, food and other facilities on the way.
  • Handling emergency and breakdowns are much quicker and easier.
  • Drivers are trained for road side dangers, traffic laws and it’s much problem free.
  • A friendly helping hand all the way of your journey.
  • Safety of the passengers is much higher with a well experienced driver.

Why they Care?

  • Driver will always care for the followings
  • Driving within speed limits
  • Regular servicing and attention to the vehicle
  • Cleaning and checking the vehicle conditions
  • Avoiding excessive driving hours
  • Stopping at the resting locations on time
  • Strictly avoiding alcohol during working hours
  • No phone calls unless it’s important while driving
  • Basic knowledge of first aid and emergency situation handling

All our drivers are able to handle English and a sound knowledge of tour routs and destinations in Sri Lanka.

And our drivers are at your call at all times. And we provide all types of vehicles as you need and they are well trained handling on all those.

In Lanka Tours Assures to provide friendly, respective and well experienced driver along the vehicle to make your journey in Sri Lanka the best as it could ever be.