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Frequently Asked Questions

Read the questions asked by visitors more often and get things cleared before starting your travel. And if you need further help please contact us and we are always ready to assist you the best..
1. How can I make a booking?

You can make an online booking via our Website Booking Form

2. What documents are required to rent a vehicle?

For Foreign Citizens 

  • Passport
  • International Driving License


  • Properly Endorsed your current Driving License (issued by your country) by Automobile Association of Ceylon or Sri Lanka Motor Department. And customer need to go to Sri Lanka Motor department ( RMV ).

For Sri Lankan Citizens 

  • National Identity card or Passport
  • A valid Sri Lankan Driving License
3. Is the insurance costs included in the rental price?


In case of any accident $200 (USD) will be deducted for insurance.

Any accidents should be informed right on the location since we should inform the leasing and insurance companies to do the required assessments.

4. Are there any mileage limits?
  • It’s free of charge for 100 kilometers per day.
  • Excess mileage charges are as per the vehicle.
  • Please see our vehicles for more information.
5. Where will be the Pick-up and drop-off location?

You can request the pick-up and Drop-off location as you required and we are always ready to be there for you.

  • We generally operate from the city of Colombo.
  • If your pick-up or the drop-off location is out of Colombo, it would be an extra charges added for the relevant rides.

For airport pick-up and drop-off, for an extra amount of $ 40.00. will be charged for each. ($ 80.00 for both)

Any pick-ups or drop-offs within Colombo city limits, an additional amount of $ 15.00 will be charged.

For pick-ups or drop-offs out side Colombo will be charge on the distance of the travel.

6. Can I change the vehicle I booked to another ?

Yes. But it depends on the availability of the requested vehicle.

7. How to pay? Should we deposit any advance on the required vehicle?

The total rental amount must be paid before collecting the required vehicle.

A refundable deposit should be made for vehicles as follows

  • USD 250.00 for cars
  • USD 300.00 for vans
  • USD 350.00/USD 400.00 for Jeeps

All other payment should be made by cash : USD , AUD, Sterling pawn, Euro, or Sri Lankan rupees, etc,,

8. Do you accept Credit Card payments?

Yes. You can do credit card payments which supports international payments.

  • 4.5% will be levied for by credit card payment.

All other payments should be made by cash.

9. What are your office hours?

Our office hours are between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (GMT+5:30) Time in Colombo.

But you can contact us at any time regarding the ride, any issues during the tour and for any purpose.

Collecting or returning a vehicle beyond the above hours will be charged additional of  $ 20.00  within Colombo city limits. Charge will depend on the distance for any pick-ups and drop-offs outside city.

10. How to get additional details?

Contact us anytime via our email ( or contact numbers (+94-71-2600985 or +94-77-2600105)

11. What would be the covered insurance?

All our vehicles are covered with full insurance.

In case of an accident, $ 200 will be charged from the client for self driving.

12. How to get the local driving license?

We arrange everything for you.

Driving license issued by your country

You need to endorse your driving license issued by your country from Sri Lanka Motor Department. And you will be required to present yourself with 2 photographs and your passport.


International driving license

Send us scanned copies of your license in advance and it will be permitted by the Automobile Association of Sri Lanka. (Can be done prior to your arrival)

This is a legal requirement in Sri Lanka and it is mandatory. We will do what’s necessary to get the permit here in Sri Lanka. It’s done from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on week days. $.40 will be charged for the process.