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          About Us

          Inlanka Tours and Rent a Car Service is a well-known tourism and car renting agency in Sri Lanka. We have operated well over a decade in Sri Lankan tourism industry with most of the leading tourism locations, star grade hotels, rest houses, parks, tourist resorts and people around the Country involving tourism industry.

          We supply all the requires services for your tour including tour planing, tour organizing, professional tourist guides and vehicles required. We provide mini cars, cars, vans jeeps and SUVs as you need. You can request vehicles with driver or without drivers (Self-Drive). tube wells sri lanka

          All our drivers are fluent in English and have a sound experience in serving tourists from all over the world. They will make sure to let you the safest, best and joyful tour in Sri Lanka. best tourism companies in sri lanka

          You can get a vehicle for self-drive and we arrange all the required vehicle license conversions and requirements from the local department of motor traffic. best tourism companies in sri lanka

          OUR SERVICES

          tourism companies in sri lanka

          Tours arranging, hotel booking and organizing everything needed for a complete tour experience.

          tourism companies in sri lanka

          All types of vehicle needs with driver or self drive to experience all types of terrain in Sri Lanka tube wells sri lanka

          tourism companies in sri lanka

          Professional tour guides to uncover the most beautiful places all around Sri Lanka with all the details.


          An island harboring thousands of places to visit! It's just the matter of time!


          Just let us know what you are looking for. Because we cover the most!
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